Education is Everything

Education is so important to me. The more I know, the more I want to know. The wealth of knowledge and the vastness of the universe astound me. The same is true with photography. I am always learning: new equipment, new lighting techniques, new name it, I want to know about it!

So when Chuck Ulibarri from Illumination Photography approached me about partnering on a project centered on educating people about how photographers tick and what drives and inspires them, as well as offer insight to students who are just starting out, I was on board! Thus, Through the Viewfinder: Perspectives on Photography was born.

We started planning this project back in October. We selected photographers that we felt would offer great insight and advice into our industry. We scheduled studio time, gathered equipment (and snacks!) and decided what questions to ask. Chuck put his awesome video expertise to work and created a trailer for our documentary. We were driven by our need, our passion to get our message out to the world.

Today was the big day. We met at our studio space, did our equipment set up and testing and patiently, and excitedly, waited for our interviewees to arrive. The whole thing went beautifully. The advice and wisdom from the photographers we interviewed was palatable, the passion thick in their voice as they talked about the art and business of photography. It was amazing.

With the interviews now behind us, we now head into the post-processing lab to put together our final video. I am so grateful and excited about this project. I cannot wait to share our documentary with the world.

Jennifer @ Forever's Memories

Special thanks to:
Chuck Ulibarri (Creator, Director & Video Editor)
Jacob Juno (Photographer & Interviewee)
Melanie Victor (Photographer & Interviewee)
Thom Harrop (Photographer, Instructor & Interviewee)
Red Rocks Community College (provided studio space)