Recreating a Painting

Want to try a fun and invigorating challenge? Try recreating a painting in a photograph!

This past week, I was challenged with creating a photograph that was inspired and resembled a painting. I chose Monet's "Lady with a Parasol."

While it looked like a simple recreation, there were a lot of obstacles to overcome. First, I had to find the right wardrobe. This was achieved by overnight shipping, borrowing props from friends, and a little creative thinking. Next was the location. I had a location in mind, but getting their was a bit of an obstacle course. Cacti, sticky bushes and gopher holes stood in our way. But alas! We prevailed and made it to the top. Then came the challenge of the weather. The beginning of the day was a perfect combination of sun and clouds, but by afternoon, the sun was well hidden and the wind was whipping like mad in spurts that could knock you over! But we made due with what we had.

All in all, I had a lot of fun with this challenge. It's inspired me to look for more paintings and recreate them in the future.