"Shatter Me" - Day 2

Like a broken mirror, depression is fragmented and discomforting. When the person you see in the mirror is not the person you feel like inside, you wonder why and want to "fix" yourself to match what you see. When you live with depression, you hide. You hide your inner thoughts, demons and feelings from the world, and often yourself. And during your lowest lows, those things you kept locked away so tightly, so carefully come screaming out at you, shattering you as they go.

This series of photographs will be released over the course of the next 8 days. Each image represents a stage I personally have experienced in my battle with depression, save one. The final image. It is an image I have envisioned, but have not fully experienced. And I am hoping I never do.

The poem that goes with this series will be broken up in stanzas to match the images. On the 9th day, a blog post with the entire poem together and the entire series will be released. I implore you to read the information below the first image as well, for this series is more than just pretty pictures, it is a statement. It is a stand.

Mirror, mirror that I fight. Why can't I do anything right?  

Mirror, mirror
that I fight.
Why can't I do anything right?